What the Fuzz?

What the fuzz is going on? Have you ever felt that way? Have…

Unanticipated Acceleration

We never know what may set our heart to an intense flutter and what may cause an overwhelming feeling of joy but when it happens what will you do?

The search for it marriage?

The search for stability is one that we all embark on all the time. Until recently I thought this was what we are supposed to do. However, recent events have lead me to believe that all are training and teaching prepares us to, in the words of John-Logan Coots, "get comfortable being uncomfortable." Stability exists only in our ability to be comfortable with the lack of it.

When you know it's coming!

There are times in life when you prepare for what is to come. You have rehearsed it, now it's coming and then when it comes it still smacks you harder than you thought. The good news is the sting will go away if you focus on you!!!

Uncomfortable in my own skin

Just a few thoughts that came about over the weekend spawned on by a few people who asked me the same question.......I am uncomfortable where I am at and not being content feels like an itchy rash on my skin!